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Hot Air Balloon Crew
Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime...
and Volunteer to Join a Hot Air Balloon Crew!

We invite you to enjoy an up close and personal experience with hot air ballooning as a crew member. Balloons are brought in from both across the country and locally to fly at our special event. Many of the pilots need a crew to assist in launching, chasing and packing up. The balloons are here to race, compete and help put on a spectacular show for everyone. We need at least 3 people for each balloon, so volunteering makes for a great adventure with groups of family or friends.

Here's what a Hot Air Balloon Crew does:

  • Helps set up, inflate and launch the balloon. The pilot is there to help and instruct along the way.
  • Assists in chasing the balloon in a chase vehicle. It's helpful to be familiar with the local area and be able to navigate with a map.
  • Helps deflate and pack up the balloon. Some lifting is required.
  • Answers questions from onlookers. People love to watch hot air ballooning, and Balloon Fest draws a great crowd each year. You may find yourself being asked a question or two, so please be friendly and share your experience with others.
  • Works as a team. As a crew member, you will be a part of a team assigned to a specific balloon.

Ready to Volunteer?
If you would like to become a part of McCook Balloon Fest and Volunteer for a position as a Crew Member, simply complete and submit the form below:

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