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Join Us 2012
and Enjoy a Spectacular Hot Air Balloon Show!

Early Morning Hot Air Balloon Lift OffWe invite you to join us for amazing, early morning lift-offs, when colorful hot air balloons launch and spread out to cover the Southwest Nebraskan sky for a couple of days. Balloons are brought in from across the country to fly at our special event, so you're sure to experience an excellent show! Please be sure to read our Guest Safety Tips, before attending.

Ballooning is a sport that requires lots of cooperation from Mother Nature. In the interest of safety, balloons will usually fly in winds less than 10 mph, in clear weather conditions. These conditions usually exist at sunrise and prior to sunset. All flights will be conducted at the pilot's discretion, as they ultimately understand their own abilities and limitations.

Here's What You Can Expect at McCook Balloon Fest:

  • Free Attendance and Fun for the Whole Family!
  • Excellent Photographic Opportunities at one of the Most Colorful Nebraska Events You'll Ever See.
  • The Inspiring Ascension of Graceful Hot Air Balloons as they Launch into the Big Blue Sky.
  • A Spectacular Display of Color Sailing through the Crisp Morning Air.
  • Great Lodging, Shopping and Dining while in McCook, Nebraska.

Schedule of Flying Events
All Times Subject to Continuous Change According to Weather Conditions. Launch times can be delayed or moved up to catch the proper winds. Please plan on arriving early and staying later to enjoy the event.

All Events Hosted at the Red Willow County Fairgrounds.

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